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Friday, November 04, 2005

Identity crisis!

So, I take this test to find out what kind of puppy I am. Can you believe that I am a Dalmation??!!


I know you are now wondering what breed of puppy you are. Go ahead, take the test and make sure you post what kind of puppy you are!


Blogger Miss Carrie said...

Even if you have an identity crisis, you are one, stinkin' cute doggy!

12:00 PM

Anonymous Hanni (Miyagi's human) said...

dear pip,
my mommy almost made a blog just for me, too. but then she decided to make her own blog, but sometimes i pop up there and write a post or two.
typing is hard when you only have paws, ya know?
she always posts humiliating photos of me...i think the most recent one is of me in my halloween costume.
i am a very handsome shih-tzu, and i think we would have great fun playing together.
bites on your ears, piles of squirrel poop to roll in, and loads of biscuits to you,

4:52 PM


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