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Monday, August 15, 2005

Leader of my pack

This past weekend I got to go hiking again and just LOVE being outdoors. And it's even better when I don't have to be on a leash! I was leading my pack down the trail and they did a pretty good job keeping up with me. I got to chase a few birds and lizards that ran across my path but my humans kept ruining my fun by calling me back. I even got to swim in the river again which is so much fun! To bad there weren't any cool babes around to check out my swimming skills.


Blogger Janet said...

I just can't help but smile at the wonderful pictures and stories Pip has to tell. This is just so much fun Miki...I mean Pipster!!!

8:14 PM

Anonymous LilyInOR said...

Hi Pip! My name is Lily and my mom knows your mom. You're one cool dude, wish I lived closer so we could hang out and play. Maybe I'd even try swimming since you make it look pretty good. My people tease me 'cause I'm kind of afraid of the water. But if a little guy like you can conquer it, maybe I can too.

9:16 PM


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